Nov 26, 2014

Snoodle AJ's First Post on Animal Jam Go!

Hi! I am Snoodle AJ, Owner of the Animal Jam Snoodle Blog, Snoodle's Club Penguin Blog,
and the Plushie comic series, Poppy the Phantom.
I am new to Animal Jam GO.
My AJ username is thegreatanimaljammer, and my CP username is Pufflefan128.
I will post on Animal Jam GO every Wednesday and Thursday.
Here is my animal right now.
I will show you some AJ graphics I did.

That was my first post on Animal Jam Go!
See you tomorrow for the Turkey Day Post!
This is my signature.

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  1. Sorry, but I do Thursdays because now every Thursday will be either a jamaa journal or a contest so yeah..