Apr 29, 2015

New contest blog

I posted a new contest

Apr 28, 2015

Look at it for a moment.
Completely take it in.
Then read the price tag.
700 gems for THAT thing? Not to mention it's members-only AND underwater.
I've been missing...
On the other hand, remember the Jamaa Journal that had a picture of a beach at the end? Well, Spirits Jamaa's new video may clear things up a bit.
It might also be a room for a party or something, but most of the parties take place in modified versions of dens. If it is only a den, then it'll probably be member-diamond, just like everything else.
Brady Barr answered a question on the Daily Explorer today. "Do all spiders have eight legs?"
That is all in the overpriced world of jamaa today. I tip my hat to you. Goodbye. Say goodbye, hat.
Hat: Goodbye hat!

Apr 21, 2015

Four Square Court and Fossils

Hello Jammers!
Today is the day I get to post!
Today's new item is a Four
Square Court, which is
at Jam Mart Furniture
for 450 gems.
Our Daily Explorer
post is about a question from
Dr. Brady Barr asking,
Have you ever seen a fossil?

Why fossils?

Apr 18, 2015

New Chapters

Chapters Two, Three, and Four have been posted. Click here for a link to the blog.

Apr 7, 2015

Space Locker and Leeches

No one was posting but
I will post.
Our new item is a Space Locker.
The DE gave us a post
about LEECHES.
Are they insects?
I am back after 2 months!
I will be active on Animal Jam Mercury everyday.


Apr 1, 2015

April Fools Day

*Originally posted on Flying Over Jamaa by frostd362*
Hey, jammers. If you logged on to AJ you got this when you logged on.

These items are in Jam Mart Furniture for one day only:

They are called the Zany Item, Silly Item, and the Weird Item. They're all member only, so this is awsomepanda868's image of what they look like:

Image belongs to awesomepanda868
I found this item in Kani Cove's Sunken Treasures store:
These were new spring flowers in Sarepia Forest's Treetop Gardens:
I went to Epic Wonders and saw the Epic Seasonal Tree had changed for the month.
And in Epic Wonders clothing, the Cupid Bow-and-Arrows from February are back.

That's all I found in Jamaa today, so see you later! I'll try to post more often.