Dec 23, 2014

Hat and beard + Jamaaliday mailbox + Jamaaliday Comic Finale!

Hey Jammers! 
Today's New item is the...


Hat and beard! Haha, this was the RIM yesterday. 
The only difference from this and RIM is that the RIM had a green patch.
AJHQ is running out of ideas. :/ 

And today's advent gift is the Jamaaliday mailbox! 


This was an old gift from last year. 
I wish AJHQ would make more new items in the advent calendar.

And here is the Daily Explorer post! :)

Wow, that's a long post!
Well, that's all for today guys! :)

Dec 19, 2014

Icicle horn

Hey Jammers! 
I'm really sorry about the really late post these days.
Today's advent gift is the Icicle horn!


Pretty nice! But wouldn't that give you a messy head? *Puts on Icicle horn* *Ice cream starts melting on head* Noooo!! XD

And lastly, here is today's Daily Explorer post! :)

That's all for today! Bye! :)

Dec 15, 2014

Monday Rare + Daily Gift!

Hello jammers!
Mesha336 here today with the Monday rare!
Perfect for the chilly weather in jamaa right now! 
Located in jam mart clothing for 950 gems!
Next, we have the daily gift!
The Gift Express!
I have to go now because i'm really busy bye!

Dec 12, 2014

Reindeer Mask

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the super late post. I had to go to a Christmas party. 
Today's new item is the Reindeer Mask! 


Pretty nice item! 
Since I don't have enough time to post the DE post, I will finish with a glitch instead. 
This is a glitch all you of guys probably know, but I'm just going to post about it.

This a weird glitch when you are your own buddy. 
You can unfriend yourself, friend yourself, JAG yourself, block yourself, and even report yourself!
 That's all for today! 

Dec 11, 2014

New Author and it is.... Mesha336

Hi! I am Mesha336, I own,  Animal Jam River , My Contest Blog, and my Advice for animal jam friendship troubles.I am new to Animal Jam GO. My AJ username is mesha336. I will post on Animal Jam GO every Monday. I'm really excited to post on the Animal Jam GO.
I love to draw and read. I have a chicken smoothie account and my username is snowingcat.
I also have a webkinz account and my username is rice7336.
I have to go post on my other blogs. Bye! (: 

Dec 3, 2014

Jamaaliday Scarf

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late post! I thought that Snoodle AJ was supposed to post today. Well, she didn't, so I'm going to post instead. Today's returning item is the Jamaaliday Scarf sold for 350 gems! 

*Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit*

Yes! I've been waiting for this item to return! I finally can finish my signature outfit! 
Sorry, I don't have much time to post today.
That's all for today! Bye! :)