Dec 12, 2014

Reindeer Mask

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the super late post. I had to go to a Christmas party. 
Today's new item is the Reindeer Mask! 


Pretty nice item! 
Since I don't have enough time to post the DE post, I will finish with a glitch instead. 
This is a glitch all you of guys probably know, but I'm just going to post about it.

This a weird glitch when you are your own buddy. 
You can unfriend yourself, friend yourself, JAG yourself, block yourself, and even report yourself!
 That's all for today! 


  1. I reported myself and accidently got myself suspended for a day XD

    1. Oh gosh. XD

      Am I the only one who hasn't had this glitch? O.o

  2. I have a question, how did you put those lights?