Apr 28, 2015

Look at it for a moment.
Completely take it in.
Then read the price tag.
700 gems for THAT thing? Not to mention it's members-only AND underwater.
I've been missing...
On the other hand, remember the Jamaa Journal that had a picture of a beach at the end? Well, Spirits Jamaa's new video may clear things up a bit.
It might also be a room for a party or something, but most of the parties take place in modified versions of dens. If it is only a den, then it'll probably be member-diamond, just like everything else.
Brady Barr answered a question on the Daily Explorer today. "Do all spiders have eight legs?"
That is all in the overpriced world of jamaa today. I tip my hat to you. Goodbye. Say goodbye, hat.
Hat: Goodbye hat!

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