Feb 21, 2015

Blogger World Tour Stop #7: AJGO: The Importance of a Header

Hello jammers! Welcome to the final stop of 2015 Blogger World Tour. Click here to find out about it.

Today's topic is headers. You've often seen them at the top of blogs, They will usually have the blog name, description, and maybe some pictures.
Animal Jam GO!

But why are they so important? Well, they make your blog look more professional.  Ask yourself: what looks better. Text, or the fancy stuff. Headers will also tell people you care. Without one, your blog will seem like it isn't important to you. If you don't think you can make a header yourself, there are tons of people out there that can help you! But headers are more then just a good look. They are face of your blog, and they are what people first see, so get a header!

See ya later,