Jun 19, 2015


What's up? Paypayrod in the house!

I took a break from Animal Jam and blogging. Without anyone knowing. (I'm sneaky, aren't I?)

Well, now I'm back to blog!

I'm here to make a post about Animal Jam's update on a WEDNESDAY. It was one of the biggest updates ever.

Update 1: The flying party. It stinks that they don't make a non-member flying animal! Geez Animal Jam, give some love to the non-members!

The flying party is up in the clouds, and there is a flying tree. A FLYING TREE! (What is wrong with Animal Jam HQ these days?) It's basically a party with all the weather. If you fly someplace, it's raining. Another place, it's a rainbow on a shining day.

I forgot one last thing to mention, The shops! They are rainbow shops with fun rainbow furniture and clothes. It was all just too, rainbow-y.

Update 2: The battle for the beacon. I don't really like this adventure, because it just keeps repeating itself over and over again. The goal is to get orange diamonds, so you can purchase phantom things in the shop.

It's all just breaking phantom portals with your paws, watering the plants, and defeating them all. Then your done. Or... Maybe not. The adventure just goes in circles. When you think your done, your not actually done.

Update 3: Llamas! Oh my word. The Llamas are ADORABLE! I want one so badly! I have been saving up my diamonds for this very occasion.

But, I'm ready to walk into the diamond shop and see some Llama trauma (see what I did there) with people who didn't save up their Tuesday diamonds. People just want to spend, spend, spend! I save.

Update 4: PIGS! Oh these little pets are adorable! I won't be turning mine into bacon. He's adorable! I think they are the very best pet ever.

If your not sure if you wanna buy one or not, I encourage you to get one. Trust me, they are worth the diamonds! Just look at this cutie I made!
Do you also notice the new pet background? It's like the one when you chose a forest animal to purchase! Every pet has the same background.

Update 5: The new sandcastle den items!  They are the perfect way to decorate your den for the summer sun! (The sand and the waves are made for having fun!) I think they are so cute! I really like the sand snowman.

Update 6: Rainbow armor in the diamond shop! (I really don't know why they put the armor on a polar bear. The armor doesn't fit!) I think this armor goes along with the Cloud Party clothing.

Update 7: Topiary shop. As Nafaria9 said on the Animal Jam Whip, the name should have been more creative. Nafaria9 suggested the name, Topiary Treasures.

WARNING FROM AJHQ: The Spring bunny has only a few more weeks to go! Buy a membership card to get the Spring bunny for FREE along with it's carrot den items!

I guess that's it! That was a LONG post. I hope you read it all. That's all folks! Toodles!


  1. Oh so that's why I didn't see you till yesterday

    1. Ye-sirree! I took a long break. Probably two months, or three. I missed everyone!