Oct 11, 2014


It hasn't been two weeks since our last update, but look what came in this Thursday!

The phantoms found the newspapers and put phantom goop on them.

The Spooky Party is here, and somewhere in there is the adopt-a-bat station. I can't find it, but I will tell you when I find it. If someone knows please tell me in the comments.

That's me at the Spooky party with a dolphin. Yup. I going to make that sound completely normal. If you can't find me in the picture, look between the fox and the dolphin. BECAUSE I AM A GHOST WOLF!

Isn't that amazing? I don't know, and I'm not sure I really care.

Well, that's not very nice.

NO IT ISN"T! Want proof? Go to arcticpengin662's den and see all the candy prizes I earned.

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