Oct 22, 2014

Mean jammer yesterday!

We asked her why, and she said "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

Then came our savior.


I think she meant 'nice', but whatever!

But this is not good.


Party coming up:

What: Night of the Phantoms party
When: Sunday, October 26th, 2014 at 4:30 PM Mountain standard time
Who: Anyone and everyone!
Where: Arcticpenguin662's den (not 661, 662) It's a candy store

For Pacific time people, it's at 3:30, for central, it's at 5:30, for Eastern it's at 6:30, for Alaskan, it's 2:30, and for Hawaii-Aleutian, it's 1:30. Hope you guys can make it! If you don't know what time zone you liv in, ask your parents!

Also, the party is at arcticpengun662's den, not 661. This is my side account's den, so it's safe.

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