Oct 4, 2014

Thursday's update

Hey there! This is the update. It is EPIC! Except the end.

This is the epic adventure. Pets only allowed, and there is a gate for every land pet except hamsters. The prizes are candy shop items, so you can turn your den into a candy store.
Here is the portal.
Panda's are back and for 1,000 gems. Pet tarantula's are back for three diamonds.
Te night of the phantoms is here, and the haunted mansion is on sale for ... diamonds.

It looks like this.

Portals to the Phantom Vortex! And the haunted forest party!

I don't care about the art studio. There's a new ocean den item shop in the deep blue.

It's right above the ocean rift.

It has four items. The first one is a statue of Tavie the dolphin alpha, the second is Calypso, the sea turtle alpha, the third is the octopus alpha, and last is the shark alpha. I cant remember the octopus or shark alpha names. Calypso is the only non member statue, since sea turtles are the only non member water animal. But why are there no statues of Harper (seal), Marco (penguin) or the whatever his name is otter alpha. Those animals can go underwater too!

Panda's just got back from endangerment, and in three weeks cheetah's are leaving? Sometimes I don't understand AJHQ. What is their DEAL?!






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